Stellar Token Creation: Limited or Unlimited Supply?

Token Creation Supply and Demand
Token Creation Supply and Demand
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An unlimited supply of a token on the Stellar network with a fixed price can have various pros and cons. It’s important to understand these implications when creating or investing in such tokens.


  1. Liquidity: With an unlimited supply, there will be ample liquidity in the market for the token, making it easier for users to buy or sell it without impacting the price significantly.
  2. Price Stability: Since the token has a fixed price, it can act as a stable asset, providing a hedge against market volatility. This can be particularly useful in times of economic uncertainty or for transactions requiring a stable medium of exchange.
  3. Easier Adoption: A fixed-price token with unlimited supply can encourage adoption by users, as they don’t need to worry about price fluctuations, making it suitable for various use cases like payments, remittances, or stablecoin pegs.
  4. Inflation Resistance: If the fixed price is tied to an inflation-resistant asset or index, the unlimited supply token could maintain its purchasing power over time, providing a level of protection against inflation for holders.


  1. Potential Dilution: With an unlimited supply, there’s a risk of dilution for existing token holders. As more tokens are issued, the value of each individual token could decrease if the demand doesn’t keep up with the supply.
  2. Centralization Risk: An unlimited supply can lead to centralization if a single entity or a small group of entities control the issuance of the token. This can result in manipulation of supply or other actions that could undermine trust in the token’s stability.
  3. Limited Incentives for Investment: Since the token’s price is fixed, there may be limited opportunities for capital appreciation. This could reduce incentives for investors to hold the token over the long term, potentially impacting its overall adoption and utility.
  4. Dependence on Price Peg: The token’s value is reliant on maintaining a stable price peg, which could be subject to fluctuations due to external factors or the failure of the mechanism used to maintain the peg. This could lead to loss of confidence in the token’s stability.

In summary, an unlimited supply fixed-price token on the Stellar network can offer benefits such as liquidity, price stability, and easier adoption. However, it also has drawbacks, including potential dilution, centralization risk, limited investment incentives, and dependence on a stable price peg.

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